Bunker Supply

   The company M/S SELIM SHAH MARINE ENTERPRISE (SSME) is the largest and leading integrated physical supplier and trader of marine fuel products in Bangladesh at Chittagong & Mongla port. We supply Bunkers (IFO, MGO, MDO) and marine lubricants very competitive rates at all ports of Bangladesh by necessary barges. We are in cooperation with major producers of lubricants and state owned oil companies in Bangladesh. We on the style M/S SELIM SHAH MARINE ENTERPRISE (SSME), Chittagong earned a track record on the bunker to vessels. We can supply any grade of oil/fuel oils. We have our own storage and can reserve maximum quantities fuels. Also we can supply any large quantity at a time as we procured from Govt. oil refineries and through import.

  We are able to provide its customers with global single supplier convenience, competitive pricing, access to specialized products, customized terms contacts and a fully integrated marine fuel delivery service whilst capturing margins at every stage.