About Us

   M/S SELIM SHAH MARINE ENTERPRISE was created due to the growth of the Chittagong port area, which became one of the most important ports in the Bangladesh, giving rise to the need for meeting the demand of an increasing number of ships. Over the years our company has gained recognition for being a reliable ship chandler providing top quality services to the leading shipping companies, owners and managers.

  Our service extends to all over the world. Our main office is located in the city of Chittagong near of Port area. We have a wide variety of products and we guarantee a 24 hours nonstop service, with outstanding quality and efficient delivery.

  We have access to every conceivable product line and our experienced staff can guarantee the lowest prices in the market. Our prices are the best you will find.

  After many years of growth in the shipping industry of the world shipping sector, we are ready for the future of the maritime market by maintaining and increasing strong relationships with our clients. We are a truly international company focused on customer satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of our clients. OUR CORE COMPETENCE IS OUR SERVICE. M/S SELIM SHAH MARINE ENTERPRISE as a working team, wants to share with you the expectations beyond this new era and explore upcoming opportunities for the future of your business.